Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Unofficial Blog: Likes and Dislikes

Since there's no official vlog-blog today, here's something I found while rummaging through my old notes. This is a good ol' round-up all of the the things I like and dislike in a story, and this here bullet list is one of my many techniques for outlining. What? Yeah, I make multiple types of outlines per project, and sometimes, they don't have anything to do with the plot. What this method does is show me what I should and shouldn't include in my story (Emphasis on my since it will definitely be different for you. Definitely. Maybe)

Disclaimer here: All of the books I reference are actually ones I love, even if I am talking $#!% about them. Like everything else I write in this blog, it's all just my personal opinions. Permission to hate on me for them.

Oh, and P.S. This is a direct copy+paste from my notes, so you'll see how messy I write while conceptualizing. I also write as if I'm talking to someone, because, you know...I'm crazy.

Things I Like
  • Conflicting POV’s (That is, neither side is good or bad. I’m just picking one I think would make the more interesting story)
  • Challenging ideas
  • Layered meanings
  • Intense backstory and world building (though balanced. While I loved the flashback in Rats of NIMH, it feels like it got too far away from the plot)
  • Colorful description (as in, actual colors)
  • Description weaved into narrative
  • Suspense
  • Suspenseful action
  • Really @#$%^& up things
  • Political issues
  • Drama
  • Scattered puzzle pieces that are put together towards the end
  • Psychological mumbo jumbo (both in the character as well as the reader)
  • Horrible injuries that throw a wrench into everything
  • Elegance in contrast with low-living (the two combining)
  • Infiltration (suspenseful infiltration)
  • Mischief
  • Characters who grow
  • Chronological passage of time
  • Breaking out of imprisonment (or oppression or the like)
  • Failure
  • Not all is well, but well enough endings that are full and satisfying (Specials. Unwind)
  • I know I already mentioned psychological stuff, but I’m going to take note of dilapidating insanity
  • Deep emotions
  • Hints of sexuality and romance (rarely and suggestively)
  • Clever humor (woven into the narrative)
  • Humorous characters having their own %^&*# of a time (Hayden)
  • Neutral characters who slowly change their mind
  • Issues divulged through dialogue or suspenseful
  • fast-paced narrative/action/description

Things I Don’t Like

  • Romance driven plots (or books that end up with so much romance, the real issue is shoved into the backseat. Divergent series)
  • Long Set-up (Dune. Foundation)
  • Contradictions
  • Weak middles (the author is just babbling to fill up space)
  • Too realistic (organic is one thing, but I don’t like being reminded of our boring ol’ world)
  • False facts
  • Weak ending (the author didn’t seem to know how it was supposed to end, so they just babble on, or worse, drop it off)
  • Too much action (in bulk. Think the newest Hobbit movie. It gets to the point where that big ass battle that took up 80% of the movie just felt like filler)
  • (Contrariwise) too slow pace
  • Flat characters (Filler characters who have no business being in there)
  • Characters who are too angry or angsty
  • Stories that work in accordance with the law (crime novels)
  • Stories that become repetitive
  • weak humor driven plot
  • Single setting
  • Dark colors
  • Getting too far away from the initial conflict
  • Too much description in bulk
  • Ending that renders the story no meaning (Extras)
  • Jump from one time frame to the next (saying a few days/weeks/months passed is okay as long as there’s something to suggest what was happening at the time. Think Unwind. What I don’t like are years, because that leaves huge gaps in the story and compromises my connection with the character. Like Dune)

Okay, real vlog-blog will be up next week. See ya'll then!

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