Thursday, October 1, 2015

Unofficial Blog: Outlining

I wanted to give ya'll an example of what an outline looks like for me. This is from a short script I wrote last night...

Starts off walking through jungle.

A huntress doesn’t prowl to kill. She prowls to survive. She roams the jungle not to seek danger, but to find salvation—for herself, and for her cubs. (pause) Even though her cubs are…

Hears thunder. Sniffs. Quick head turn. Runs. Jumps up trees. Sees smoke. Jumps. Races down the mountain. Unsheathes spears. Trees clear. Skids to a stop. Demons are running about. Too many to fight. Mother tells daughter to run. Daughter almost gets caught. Huntress gets in the way. Fights. Fights way out of mess. Faces up against Zong. Nearly gets beat up. Have to save the girl. Flees.

Home is gone. Needs to cheer up child. Fishing. Eating. There is a town within the mountains, a few days hike away. Takes girl. Teachers her things along the way. Demons attack right as they see the town. Steal girl. Huntress goes after them. Comes face to face with Zong. Epic battle. Uber beats-up Zong. She almost goes after him, but then remembers the girl (who is unconscious) Makes vow then and there to rid the world of demons (it’s time to finish this, so no more cubs will be lost)

Girl wakes up on the porch of a farmhouse to wind chime. Mask is beside her. Takes it, stands. Wind blows through her hair. Over the mountain, there are storm clouds. Thunder rolls. Story ends.

The process usually starts off in the shower, listening to some jamming tunes while I have a notebook on the toilet, ready to get soaked...with ideas! Then I'll stare at the computer screen for about 30 minutes, glance back and forth between it and my notes. I'll type a little, stop, stare, and repeat. At some point in the future, I'll get the idea down in a few paragraphs. Sometimes I turn the paragraphs into a bullet list if they're really messy and incomprehensible, but most of the time, I luck out with something like this ^^^

Okay, that's enough. I'll see ya'll next Wednesday with more building blocks of writing! (And hopefully some vlogs. Dern real work!)

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